At present, there are approximately five to six  million demented patients in America.  Minimally, there are an additional five million memory-impaired elderly who could benefit from treatment.  Eighty-five percent of nursing home patients suffer some form of dementia, yet their actual needs are not fully addressed. And nursing homes care for only twenty percent of dementia patients in the U.S.!  Eighty percent of dementia patients are being cared for in the community, often by family caregivers.  These patients and their caregivers are greatly underserved.  Proper diagnosis and comprehensive treatment options are often lacking.  Additionally, the length of time that a caregiver can keep their patient at home is shortened by the lack of respite care available.

The Company currently understands that one in 15 Americans are involved in the care of the elderly, many of whom have memory problems.  Creation of Memory reVITALIZER® is a hopeful first step for helping those with simple memory difficulties, and to strengthen those elderly who are caring for others.


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