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Alzheimer’s Corporation is a C-corporation formed in 1999 in the State of New Mexico to find innovative ways to help diagnose, treat, or prevent degenerative problems of the central nervous system.  These disorders, such as benign senile forgetful states, can often manifest as memory difficulties.   The Company’s founder, William K. Summers, M.D., was the inventor and developer of the first FDA approved treatment for Alzheimer’s Disorder.  This drug, tacrine (Cognex®) was soon replaced by current treatments, but was the pioneer of an entirely new branch of human pharmacology -anti-dementia drugs.

Since 2006 AlzCorp has worked on development of an exciting new patented product from the world of ‘low tech’ – .  In 2004 Dr. Summers received his eighth patent, which now protects the actual formulation of Memory reVITALIZER®.   The patent posits that, after an initial insult to the brain, there is a smoldering continuum of oxidative injury to the brain similar to rheumatoid arthritis.   This oxidative injury may occur at a number of intra- and inter- cellular sites.   As such only a complex antioxidant combination would be effective at dampening and possibly reversing such CNS injury.

The first bottles of Memory reVITALIZER® were produced in late 1999.  It was used in Dr. Summers’s clinical practice from 2000 – 2006, when the Company elected to further develop the product for a potential national market.

Two major research projects have been done with Memory reVITALZER®.  The first study was conducted between 2007 and 2010 using 113 community dwelling generally healthy elderly subjects.  This study was presented at the 2009 The Society for Neuroscience  annual meeting and published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.

In 2014 ALZcorp launched a new product brand Life Imagined.  Although the markets are similar for Memory Health, Energy and  Cardio benefits, Life imagined appeals to the younger side of the demographic. Those forty to sixty are looking at the product for competitive edge at work or in their social lives.

The Company has dabbled in local and regional marketing of the product from 2006 forward.  FDA permission to market a health supplement is not required.   The current mission of the Company is to increase market share of the growing “memory pill” supplement market.   The Company is actively seeking funding from individual investors and institutional investors to fund marketing of the product.  Recently, the Company is seeking counsel and guidance  from The Anderson School of Management (University of New Mexico).

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